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Our superior, vegan hair care is scientifically designed to soften, nourish and strengthen damaged hair with vital, green nutrients. Our products thoroughly condition the hair and scalp without the build up commonly associated with hair grease and oil treatments. They work for all people, but the specific product choice and its application will vary depending on your hair texture. 

For example, with the Green Therapy and Beta Build vitamin butters, the lighter or thinner your hair texture, the less you would apply. If your hair is thick and "kinky", you would apply much more generously. The scalp treatments can be used to nourish the scalp every day in the morning as an oil and go and/or they can be used as a hot oil treatment. Both applications are perfectly fine. 

It is important to understand that our hair care is far above average. Our formulas are superior. They are not designed for chemically altering your hair. They are purely designed to feed your hair with vitamin dense, plant ingredients like moringa, hemp seed, avocado and carrot oils for daily nourishment. The affects of our hair care are long term. Meaning, like eating better and exercising, over time you will actually improve your hair health and its appearance. 

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