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We do not sell your every day, run of the mill body care. We sell highly concentrated, vitamin rich, deeply emollient formulas for skin restoration. Our hydrating butters and oils are made up of a fatty fraction (moisturizing) and a non-fatty fraction (vitamins and minerals). At Sheago Cosmetics, we scientifically formulate our wholesome recipes with nutritious oils and butters that are high in vitamin content and fat to actually heal and restore the skin; not just moisturize it for the moment. We are looking for the long term, holistic solution, not a short term fix. Over time you will see a visible different in the appearance of your skin. 

To do this we had to step out of the box to bring you high quality butters. You will find green tea, basil, virgin coconut oil, chamomile, rosehip, rose, avocado, food grade shea, cocoa and olive butters in our products. We get most of our ingredients directly from the country of origin to keep our products cost effective and to be a part of the growth of those communities.

Our skin care is non-toxic, cruelty free and eco-friendly. It is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin and vulnerable skin conditions like eczema and light dermatitis. It is also the right choice for those seeking vegan solutions in skin care as 95% of our products are pure vegan. 

Our goal is to restore, rejuvenate and even to reconstruct a new you and our better butter formulas are a direct reflection of our intent. 

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