Sheago Cosmetics is unique in that we do not use alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens or artificial colors in our skin care, even though it is the base of most lotions sold today. Our vision was and is to create nutritious, food based products for the skin and hair so that your body eats a healthy meal every day.

We are proud to say that our products don't contain genetically modified oils (GMO)s. Nor do they contain conventional soybean or corn oil. At Sheago, we meticulously select only the highest grade of plant oils and butters as the base of all of our products. This base of plant purity is what makes our products unique.

My beautiful, Creole grandmother use to say, "Gumbo no good, less you perfect the rue. It the rue gul, that make it fine. It the rue that make it stand apart from the rest."

Nana was correct. I took that schooling to college where I learned in a chemistry lab that it is the base formula which creates the ultimate product. Our company specializes in raw, plant bases rich in nutrients, uncompromised by inferior ingredients, for the ultimate experience.

You will feel the difference.

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