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Clean, natural and sophisticated are the terms that come to mind when discussing the Sheago men’s line, All Natural Elite. From the product names to the ingredients therein, we wanted to create a superior line. Therefore, All Natural Elite is an extension of our Platinum, Plant Based Collection, but just for men. All four butters Aja (powerful), Ayo (joy), Amadou (profit) and Jamméh (king) are "green formulas" with green tea and avocado bases that are loaded with vitamins and natural chlorophyll. We then added healing herbs and essential oils giving off a rich, manly feel of strength and power. You can use our daily moisturizers as a nutrient dense, cologne butter that will restore and rejuvenate your skin as you work or as a natural, non-toxic cologne.

Our colognes have a special level of class and sophistication because of their natural look in the bottle. They are all filled with healing herbs which provide extra fragrance and aesthetic appeal. They are the perfect blend of masculine fragrances in a feather, light coconut oil base. The beauty of our colognes is that there is no alcohol. If you are looking for a healthier choice in skin care, try our quick absorbing, natural colognes that will hydrate your skin and allure simultaneously.

Who says you have to feed your skin chemicals to be sexy?

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