Hair Science is definitely a science; but, you don't need a degree in it to get the results that you want. Let us guide you through some basics. We will be establishing a blog within the next 2 months with industry experts to further instruct you on the process of acquiring beautiful, healthy hair. In the interim, here's the 1, 2, 3 on improving hair health.



Whether you wash your hair every day or once a week, finding the right shampoo is quintessential to your hair's health. The truth is that certain shampoos have chemicals in them that will damage your hair and scalp and weaken them over time. A deep conditioning shampoo may be too heavy for fine, oily hair types. Whereas, a deep cleansing shampoo is almost always the wrong answer for think, curly, kinky hair. They are too drying. Finding the right shampoo may be the most important step in your hair care.

Our premium black soap shampoo, shea shampoo, olive conditioner and leave-in lotion were among our top sellers. We will bring them back towards the end of 2017. In the interim, if you have curly to kinky hair, please start with a conditioning shampoo. It is vital to maintaining and growing strong, healthy hair.


So many may try to win you over by boasting of their scalp treatment's ingredients, but if the chemicals outweigh the natural ingredients they could do more damage than good. Our amazing scalp treatments, Green Therapy and Beta Balance, are raw vegetable formulas designed to nourish the scalp. Green Therapy feeds the scalp chlorophyll and other vital nutrients. Beta Balance is our healing formula to stimulate scalp restoration with healing beta-carotene. Feed your scalp every night with raw vegetable treatments.


In many ways, your hair is like your skin. You must keep it moisturized in order to keep it strong and healthy. When our skin dries, it cracks. When our hair dries, it breaks off. Hydration is the key to keeping them both vibrant and beautiful. Drink lots of water and give your hair moisture. The amount of moisture always depends on the texture of your hair.

Try to avoid chemical based hair moisturizers, especially ones that have petroleum and mineral oil. In fact, even quality vegetable oils like Coconut, Olive and Castor Oil usually dry out the hair because they simply don't have enough fats to bond. That is why our oils are scalp treatments. Our extremely fatty butters are for the hair.

Green Therapy Hair Butter and Beta Build Butter are designed to do exactly what our scalp treatments do, feed the hair nutrients. They are excellent for all hair types. They are the lighter of the three butters, so people with hybrid hair (i.e. Italians, Hispanics, etc) would want to try these over Bogalusa. Green therapy has a wet feel to it and it keeps your hair looking wet and moisturized.

Bogalusa, in contrast, was designed for people with thick, heavy, curly or kinky hair. We scientifically formulated it to soften and manage tight curls without changing the texture. Bogalusa was our first formula, it is one of our best formulas and the owner still uses it first after 25 years. We recommend all of our hair butters to be used with a scalp treatment daily.

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