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Why is eating your vegetables, particularly greens, so very important to beautiful skin and hair? Because they are loaded with vitamins and chlorophyll.

They are superfoods with anti-oxidants that help with digestion and blood circulation. They are detoxifying and they nourish our organs. Because they keep everything clean and pure on the inside, they create the same result on the outside. Research has proven that people with a diet rich in leafy green vegetables tend to have radiant, healthier looking skin.

Well, your skin eats (absorbs) whatever you put on it topically. So, when you use vitamin rich skin products like shea (vitamin A), avocado (vitamins K, C and E) and carrot (beta-carotene), you are feeding your skin vegetables from the outside.

At Sheago Cosmetics, we studied the science of food and how nutrients are absorbed into your skin. We choose the foods that people cook and heal with across the world. From America to Africa, we researched traditional food usage on the skin as medicine. We then created amazing formulas with plantains, coconuts, olives, avocados, beets, spinach, broccoli, green tea, shea and carrots as our base. We then added herbs and plant oils like neem, tamanu, rose, rosehips, rosemary and lavender (again used as foods).

The science of using plant based skin care is in the absorption. You are basically applying food to your skin and hair and your body is naturally absorbing vitamins, minerals and other natural nutrients. Think of it like compost fertilizing a garden. You are enriching your soil.

We know your lotions may moisturize your skin, at least for an hour or two, but when is the last time your lotion, perfume or cologne healed your skin, restored missing nutrients and revitalized the look and appearance?

If you eat pretty, you will become prettier.

Have you fed your skin its vegetables today?

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