Anti-Aging Basics

Anti-Aging Basics

There is a barrage of anti-aging advice out there promoting a lot of “instant success serums”. Whether you choose our products or not, we feel it important to give you basics. So, here’s the skinny.

Beautiful skin is developed and sustained by maximizing two quintessential components of skin care: hydration (moisture) and nutrients (vitamins).

Moisturizers have a fatty or moisture fraction and a non-fatty/vitamin fraction. What makes Sheago unique is simple. We choose our ingredients using both as the measure. When we created our formulas, we strategically selected nutrient rich fruit and vegetable butters and then added healing plants and herbs. These butters are often rich in chlorophyll and beta carotene and have extremely high levels of vitamin content to feed the skin. This is why our butters don’t just moisturize the skin and hair, they heal and restore them.

Moreover, we scientifically select our oils based on maximum absorption. Yes, some oils absorb better into the skin than others. So, the ability for a butter and or oil to absorb is critical in creating high quality product. This is also why we do not use Genetically Modified Oils (GMOs) or filler oils that are commonly used to cut costs; but, generally don’t balance well with your body’s natural chemistry.

This is a unique advantage that we offer. Our products are made with the highest quality of ingredients, even by the natural food industry’s standards. Many of our ingredients like rosehip, green tea, chamomile and avocado butters are rare and expensive. We offer them to you because they meet our strict criteria.

Remember, the key to super, healthy looking skin is hydration. The best anti-aging secret is moisture. Dehydrated skin causes horizontal lines to appear. The types of lines that lead to deep seated wrinkles and aged appearance. Dry skin is a result of lack of oil and water in the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis. Skin then becomes scaly, cracked and itchy. The simple practice of using our skin butters and oils to keep your skin hydrated can ward off premature aging giving you that vibrant look again.

Because we are committed to giving you solid advice in real life practices that really work, we must always caveat this guidance with the follow:

Good Skin is the result of Whole Body Care. Thus, the best way to reverse and/or slow down the aging process is to eat well, exercise, get lots of rest and to maintain a low stress lifestyle. Couple the aforementioned with nutritious, plant based body care to maximize your outer appearance.

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