Our Skin Care System

Our Skin Care System


The Sheago System is simple; but, sometimes less is more.

We recommend our daily practice to enrich your skin with the moisture and nutrients you need. Even the highest quality ingredients are not a instant cure all; but, we assure you that using our products daily transform the feel and appearance of your skin.

1)    Step One: A Natural Cleanse

Clean your face with ONE of the following daily:

-         Grapefruit Cleansing Gel: This formula is the first step in your daily facial routine for those with normal skin types.

-         Black Soap: An all natural, vegetable soap made in the villages throughout western Africa. It is hailed all over the world for its purity and deep cleansing ability. Our black soap is authentic and is in it’s purest form. Great for normal to oily skin types, particularly those prone to acne.

-         Activated Charcoal Soap w French Lavender: A deep detoxifying formula of active charcoal to extract impurities with deep moisturizing agents making your skin clear and vibrant. Great for normal to oily skin types, particularly those prone to acne.

2)    Step Two: Apply a Natural Toner

Once you have washed your face with our natural cleansers, pat dry. Do not rub with a towel. The face should be somewhat moist and warm when you apply a toner. Put a small amount in your hands and apply to the face. Allow the toner to naturally dry. Do not attempt to dry with a towel. Allow the toner to absorb into your skin before applying the next product. This should take 3-5 minutes. The purpose of the toner is to firm and to lock in moisture.

-         Rose & Bergamot Toner – A natural floral toner with outstanding healing and soothing properties. Excellent for sensitive skin.

-         Lemon Toner – A citrus blend for oil skin types.

-         Neroli Toner – A natural herbal toner that we have found to be a favorite with the guys.

3)    Step Three: Treat Your Skin with Greens

You can do one of two things here or both. Apply Green Therapy I to trouble spots on your face (such as acne or mild dermatitis). If you have not trouble issues, then apply a small amount of Green Therapy Scalp Treatment to your entire face. The purpose of this is to feed your skin nutrient rich, green oils before apply the facial cream and body butters.

-         Green Therapy I – A powerful blend of chlorophyll rich oils. When it comes to our green therapy combination set, we spared no expense in maximizing the skin rejuvenation experience with exotic, vitamin rich plants. Both formulas fill our skin with a healthy dose of blue greens to heal, revive and restore.

-         Green Therapy II – Temporarily out of stock (til the fall of 2020)

-         Green Therapy Scalp Treatment (can be used on the face as well). Unlike Green Therapy I, which is only for troubled spots, Green Therapy Scalp Treatment can be used on the entire face. Only apply a small amount and allow the face to fully absorb before applying the Sheago Facial Cream. Thus, allow to sit approximately 3-5 minutes.

4)    Step Four: Moisturize the Face & Body with heavy creams.

The final step to the Sheago System for daily skin enhancement is to moisturize. For the face: Apply the Sheago Day Cream. For the Body: Apply a one of our dense, vegetable butters. Apply your favorite body and/or hair cream to your face is also an option. Some people find that a particular body butter mixes better with their natural chemisty. So, the use of a body butter such as the natural rose body butter or Green Therapy Hair Butter (for those with sensitive skin) can also be use on the face. These are our top recommendations:

Face Moisturizers:

-         Sheago Day Cream w Rosehip

-         Natural Rose Butter

-         Green Therapy Hair Butter (sensitive skin)

Body Butters – Pick your favorite body butter.

Our Platinum Line is for those who are okay with spending a little more to get extra high quality.

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