What Makes Sheago Superior?

What Makes Sheago Superior?

May 2nd 2020

Sheago Cosmetics has a different approach to beauty. We believe that if we empower you with education about bettering your life experience, you will choose to do the right thing by your outer and inner self.

So, we start and finish with fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, seeds and nuts to make our skin creams, natural perfumes, no-alcohol colognes, hair products and soaps. We are unique in that we do not use alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, artificial colors or preservatives in our skin care; even though these are often the base of most lotions sold today. 

Have you every heard the expression "eat clean". Well, what did you feed your skin today? Our products are equivalent to a clean meal with a sprinkle of sugar.. Our vision is to create nutritious products for the skin and hair so that your whole body eats a healthy meal every single day. That's right. Your skin eats (absorbs) whatever you put on it. 

Our natural radiance oils are raw, natural vegetable based perfumes without all of the heavy chemicals associated with traditional fragrances. They are 98% natural. That's hard to beat. Our butters are made with premium, virgin seed oils rich in vitamins, chlorophyll and anti-oxidants. They are not bleached, which is saying a lot in the cosmetics industry. They are naturally filtered and processed into pure skin products without using excessive heat which destroys the vitamin content. Nor do we use harsh chemicals, which over time, destroy the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin). 

Remember, skin and hair care should be "whole-istic". We encourage you to also eat healthy, well balanced meals, drink a lot of water, exercise and get lots of rest. However, proper skin care (nutrition) is the foundation for uncovering a new YOU. 

                                        VEGAN PRODUCTS WITHOUT

Alcohol, Mineral Oils, Petroleum, Parabens, Artificial Preservatives or Colors. 

                                                     It's a good start.

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