Treating our Feet Right

Treating our Feet Right

May 2nd 2020

My papa used to say, "You spend all day on your feet and all night in your bed, so buy a quality mattress and good shoes." As a child I didn't really understand the importance of this lesson, but as an adult I can tell you emphatically that pops was right. Good shoes are a must, but so is good foot care in general. Just like your shoulders, tension mounts in them and this can cause serious distress which could lead to other problems.The Chinese believe that feet are connected to many vital organs in the body and this may be true, but what we definitely know is that foot care is connected to anxiety and stress, that their appearance can affect your self esteem and that they can even affect your sex life.  So, let's talk about them for a minute and some good, common sense practices for their care.

Good Foot Care Starts with the follow: 

1) Exfoliate - We recommend a natural pumice stone to remove dead skin after soaking your feet in warm water with a moisturizing Sheago soap like Rose Garden or Vanilla. You can also use a scrub, but be careful. Scrubs are often salt and alcohol based and can dry out the skin which could defeat the purpose. 

2) Moisturize - This is just vital, but can be tricky so listen up. The best way to make your feet feel like a baby again is to simply put any Sheago butter on after a night shower or bath while your feet are still warm (be sure to dry them between your toes). Put on socks to trap in the moisture as you sleep. Remove the socks in the morning to allow your feet to breath during the day. Three days of this practice bi-weekly will do more for you feet than a pedicure. Do not do this if you have any issues with fungal infection. 

3) Nourish and groom your nails - Keep your nails neatly trimmed. A great time to cut them is after bathing. Try not to subject your nails to heavy filing or toxic, acetone nail polish removers. This goes for your hands and feet. After washing and grooming, apply the Sheago Green Therapy Scalp Treatment to your cuticles to keep them soft and to nourish the actual nail. Yes, we are recommending scalp oil for your cuticles. It is amazing. 

4) Massage your feet at least 4 to 5 times a week. Put on your favorite relaxation music, light candles, and massage your feet with a Sheago Body Butter for 10 minutes in the evening. Try to have a family member do a more extensive job at least one a week, and, if possible, get a professional foot massage once a month. We also recommend foot massage machine under your desk at work and in your home at night. Look, massage machines  

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