Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair Care

May 2nd 2020

Natural Hair Care

Why do we use so many chemicals in our hair and on our scalp and then have such great expectations for their long term feel and appearance? We verbally and physically abuse our hair and then expect the best from it. Does that make sense? If someone were to apply these behaviors to a relationship with another human being and then look for positive results, you would think they were being down right crazy. So why do so many of us cultivate such a negative and unhealthy relationship with our hair?

Look folks, you want beautiful hair and a healthy scalp?

Be kind to them. Keep them hydrated and moisturized, feed them healthy meals. Don’t give them junk food like petroleum and mineral oil. If you want the best from them, give them the best. In the real world, what you put in is pretty much what you get out.

The Sheago hair care is scientifically designed to soften, nourish and strengthen damaged hair and maintain healthy hair. Our products thoroughly condition the hair and scalp without the build up commonly associated with hair grease and oil treatments. They work for all people, but the specific product choice and its application will vary depending on your hair texture.

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