Cosmetics with Consciousness

Cosmetics with Consciousness

May 2nd 2020

The Difference is Consciousness

Making a difference is the difference.

We call ourselves Cosmetics with Consciousness because we are aware of our local and global communities and have a conscience about our role in them. We use ingredients that are wholesome and good for our consumers and we strongly advocate for the many women who produce these products throughout the world. We believe in showcasing beauty, but we will not support the objectification of women. Nor will we support in any way the exploitation or persecution of women here or abroad.

We recognize that we are all an integral part of the human family and are therefore conscientious of our words and deeds because they make a difference in people’s lives. So many families are affected every time we buy one jar of shea butter. Supporting women collectives across the world helps the people of those communities to build schools for their children, quality housing and hospitals. It helps them to obtain books, drugs, lifesaving health care, food and other basic needs that we often take for granted.

Moreover, as intellectually responsible business owners, we are conscious about the truth that charity starts at home. As we began our travels throughout Africa and South America many years ago, we found that many of the families there are happier and even healthier than many of the citizens here in the U.S.

It is a disparaging and paradoxical reality. Poverty is as much a mental state of being as it is financial. At Sheago Cosmetics, we understand this dynamic and are fully committed to changing the world by uplifting local communities everywhere.

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