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For thousands of years, people have used butters and vegetable oils to enhance the skin. Equally, people throughout the world have used herbs and natural plants for healing and skin restoration. Sheago utilizes the best of these practices to bring to you the finest in natural skin care. Rich in vitamin A, shea butter is excellent for the enhancement of dry, normal and oily skin types



Our skin products are physician tested and endorsed and pharmacists recommended. Our commitment is in bringing you the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. 


Better Quality. Better Prices. Better Butters™. Try the Better Butters™ line today.



Better Butters | After Shower Splash & Cologne | Pure Shea



Fruit Butters





Better Butters™ Mango Pulp - $19.99

Grade A Shea Butter blended with Mango Butter and Oil. Sweet and Delicious. Got a sweet tooth? This is the one. It’s the national best seller.








Better Butters™ – Vanilla - $19.99

Shea & Vanilla Butter in tube - Named in memory of my sweet smelling, pie cooking Aunt Hattie May; this is a traditional scent. You can’t go wrong with all natural vanilla. Also light enough to wear during the day or at night.







Better Butters™ Coconut - $19.99

Shea & Coconut Butter in a Tube: Grade A Shea Butter blended with Coconut Oil and a hint of Magnolia Flowers.  A tropical paradise in your bathroom, get away.








Better Butters™ Cool Basil - $19.99

Grade A Shea Butter blended with Fresh Basil and Lime. Smell fresh and clean, like you just got out of the shower.








Better Butters™ Grapefruit Seeds - $19.99

Grade A Shea Butter blended with Organic Essential Oil of Grapefruit and Lemon Balm. Essential Oil of Grapefruit & Lemon Balm are known for their aromatic anti-depressant qualities. Additionally, natural grapefruit is outstanding for cellulite reduction. Brighten your day with a fresh citrus.





After Shower Splashes & Cologne






Mango After Shower Splash - $29.00

Mango After Shower Light Hydrating Mist







Coconut After Shower Splash - $29.00

Coconut After Shower Light Hydrating Mist









Vanilla After Shower Splash - $29.00

Vanilla After Shower Light Hydrating Mist








Cool Basil Cologne Splash - $29.00

Fresh Basil & Lime Men's Cologne Splash








Grapefruit After Shower Splash - $29.00

Grapefruit After Shower Light Hydrating Mist






Pure Shea






Pure Shea Butter (jar)$12.99

Raw, Unrefined Pure Shea Butter (food grade). Have you ever noticed that most products that say pure shea butter on the label contain mostly water and alcohol. In fact, shea butter is commonly listed as the 5th or 6th ingredient. Well, here is Pure, Food Grade Shea Butter. That’s it.






Better Butters™ Unscented $12.99

Shea Butter in a Tube (unscented) – We evolved shea butter giving you the highest concentration with the convenience of an easy to dispense tube. No digging, no mess.











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