Vitamin Butters for the Skin

Enjoy the experience of anti-aging skincare with superfoods, anti-oxidants and essential oils to heal the skin.

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Restore moisture

Stop dehydrating with alcohol based perfumes that accelerate aging. Experience healthy, vitamin rich oils that feed the hair and skin, but aren't too greasy.

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Emotional Wellness

It's time to stop feeling bad about yourself and explore our pathways for emotional health and well being.

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Cosmetics with Consciousness

Create a purpose driven life by joining our movement. Help yourself and others at the same time.

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  • Seeds, Nuts, Plants, Fruits & Vegetables
  • Our seeds oils have the most vitamins of any in the world
  • Eating your vegetables
  • Using superfoods and anti-oxidants in skin and hair care
  • Why you should avoid alcohol, mineral oil and petroleum
  • Grapefruit, Lemon and Orange and improving your mood
  • French Lavender and Chamomile and calming essential oils

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As her story spread nationally, she found that thousands of women shared different nuances of the same story.

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