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      Vitamin Butters for the Skin

      Our butters are very heavy creams and must be warmed in your hands first to spread over the body. They are designed to replace

      lotion becoming your daily body moisturizer. Unlike most lotions, Sheago butters are not watered down with chemicals and dilutants,

      like alcohol, petroleum and mineral oil. They are pure and concentrated.  You only need a very small amount in the morning after

      a warm shower and at night before bed. They are best absorbed after bathing while the pores are still open. If your butter experience

      is “too greasy”, you are using too much. They are creams not lotions and are concentrated with pure, wholesome ingredients.

      Most lotions are designed to moisturize in the moment (usually about an hour). Our butters, in contrast, are designed to hydrate,

      heal and restore.

      We don’t offer your every day butter selection. We specialize in vitamin packed butters rich in chlorophyll and anti-oxidants featuring 

      Green Tea Butter, Avocado Butter, Premium Shea Butter, Whole Bean Cocoa Butter, Coffee Butter, Olive Butter, Calming Chamomile Butter, 

      Rose Butter and Tangerine Butter.

      We hand pick our butters for their quality, fatty content, absorption and nutrient content.  The result: We offer you the super foods of body care.


      That’s the Sheago Difference.