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      Restore Moisture With Vitamin Rich Butters

      Youthful, hydrated, wrinkle free, skin.

      The type that has a lovely, luminous glow.

      It’s the holy grail of skin care.

      Well what if I told you, the key to super healthy skin is hydration.

      Dehydrated skin causes horizontal lines to appear.

      The types of lines that lead to deep seated wrinkles and an aged appearance.

      Dry skin is a result of lack of oil and water in the outer layer of skin, the epidermis. Skin then becomes scaly, cracked and itchy.

      Moisture is normally retained in the stratum corneum by a surface film of oils (sebum), broken-down skin cells and natural water holding substances. For beautiful, healthy looking skin, you need moisture!

      That’s right, something as simple as keeping your skin plump and moist, can ward off premature aging  giving you that vibrant look again. 


      Have you ever hear the old colloquialism, “Black don’t crack.” That is because people of color make a conscious effort to stay hydrated. Cracking comes from lack of moisture. 

      Think about it.