from Anoa Stephanie Gollman

president and ceo of Sheago Cosmetics

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Dear Prospective Team Member,

I built my company almost 20 years ago. At that time, my baby had extremely sensitive skin. Almost everything broke my little Mamatuga® into hives. He was miserable and so was I. I wanted more for him; but, at that time, there were very few options. I decided to create my own products for the both of us and within the first year of production we landing shelf space at Whole Foods Market where we stayed for approximately 12 years. My son literally grew up in the warm and wholesome environment of Whole Foods Markets across the country.


Being at health foods stores, and later pharmacies, was fun and lucrative. I learned a lot and grew tremendously as an entrepreneur and as a human being. But, what I loved the most about this amazing experience was the customer engagement. Traveling the world and speaking on national talk shows like Wendy Williams, helping people from all walks of life who suffered from various afflictions, and inspiring other women to start their own business was, by far, the more rewarding part.


Over the years, many people have approached me inquiring on how they could become a part of the Sheago Movement. I have always wanted to open up this opportunity to them, but was unsure of a good venue. Most people do not have the financial ability to directly invest in our company and I have always been reluctant to engage in Multi-Level Marketing. I have never liked all of the parading around stages with hyped up sales people spewing out visions of grandeur based on what I saw as questionable and sometimes egregiously priced products. So, I did not enter into this marketing platform haphazardly.


But, after many years of good counsel, prayer and serious contemplation I stand firmly resolved that network marketing, when done properly, is the best opportunity for entrepreneurship in this country.  Therefore, I would like to extend to you today a viable venue to create prosperity on your own terms using a well vetted corporate model and my many years of experience and expertise in natural cosmetics.


I am very proud of what we have built; and I believe that, with hard work and determination, you will find immeasurable success here at Sheago Cosmetics.


Anoa Stephanie GollmanFounder